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LE SSERAFIM Scores Another Win! Rookie Group Takes First Place on “Inkigayo”

Congratulations to LE SSERAFIM! Watch their performance.

LE SSERAFIM’s meteoric rise continues! The powerhouse rookie girl group recently secured their first-ever win on the popular music show “Inkigayo” with their latest track. This victory adds another trophy to their growing collection and further cements their position as a rising force in the K-Pop industry.

Details about the specific song that earned them the win haven’t been revealed yet, but fans are ecstatic nonetheless. Social media is flooded with congratulatory messages and celebratory posts using the hashtag #LE_SSERAFIM_1stWin.

LE SSERAFIM has been on a winning streak since their debut in May 2023. They previously topped music shows with their debut single “FEARLESS” and its follow-up “Impurities.” Their consistent success is a testament to their undeniable talent, captivating stage presence, and unwavering work ethic.

This “Inkigayo” win is a significant milestone for LE SSERAFIM, showcasing their ability to compete with established artists and capture the hearts of viewers. Their dedication to their craft and their powerful performances have garnered them a loyal fanbase and the respect of the music industry.

With this latest victory, LE SSERAFIM shows no signs of slowing down. Excitement is building for their future endeavors, and fans are eager to see what musical heights they’ll conquer next. Congratulations to LE SSERAFIM on their well-deserved win!

NCT’s Taeyong – “TAP”
xikers – “Red Sun” and “We Don’t Stop”
CRAVITY – “Love or Die”
TRI.BE – “Diamond”
The Wind – “H! TEEN”

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