Twice’s Vibrant Comeback with a Splash of Youth, Love, and Friendship!


Hey K-pop enthusiasts and Once fans, get ready to dive into the magical world of Twice as they make a dazzling return with their latest EP, “With YOU-th,” released just this Friday! It’s been a whole year since the full squad dropped a new album in Korea, and they’re back with a bang.

TWICE KPOP GIRL BAND(courtesy JYP entertainments.)

In a recent press release celebrating their 13th EP release, Chaeyoung shared:

“We poured our hearts into this album, knowing our beloved Once fans have been eagerly waiting for new music. We want to create unforgettable memories together and make this comeback truly special.”

The EP is a treasure trove of six tracks, with the spotlight shining on the lead single, “One Spark.” But this isn’t just about the music – Twice is weaving a narrative of their youth, love, and friendship throughout the album.

Jihyo spilled the tea on the theme, saying, “We delve into our relationships, the unwavering support we have for each other, and the love that binds us. Our fans adore our teamwork and chemistry as a nine-member group, and we’re confident they’ll fall in love with every track on this album.”

Watching the music video, you’ll notice scenes where the members are hand in hand, showcasing the genuine closeness they share. Sana couldn’t help but mention, “Those scenes perfectly capture how naturally close we are as a group. It’s not just for show; it’s who we are.”

And let’s talk about the dance moves in “One Spark” – it’s like a mesmerizing performance where each step seamlessly connects to the next. The choreography is nothing short of a visual spectacle!

But wait, there’s more! Some of the members took their involvement a step further by contributing to the songwriting. Jeongyeon penned the heartfelt lyrics for “Bloom,” drawing parallels to the growth process of a flower. Dahyeon, on the other hand, infused the track “You Get Me” with a powerful message of unity and shared experiences.

Chaeyoung, showcasing her lyrical prowess, crafted the words for “Rush,” a trendy tune with Jersey club beats. She described it as being filled with “cute, lovely, and witty words” – talk about a triple threat!

And if you’re itching to experience Twice live, mark your calendars for July when they’ll be holding standalone concerts at the colossal Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan. Fun fact: they’re the second K-pop act to grace this massive stage, following in the footsteps of TVXQ over a decade ago.

So, fellow K-pop aficionados, immerse yourself in the youthful vibes, love, and camaraderie that Twice brings with “With YOU-th.”

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