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n.SSign’s Joyful Comeback and BTS’s 10th anniversary Celebration.

n.SSign's Joyful Comeback and BTS's Vinyl Celebration

Get ready for some exciting music news! n.SSign, the energetic eight-member group that emerged from Channel A’s 2022 survival show “Stars Awakening,” is back in the spotlight with their second mini-album, “Happy &.” Meanwhile, K-pop sensations BTS are set to celebrate their 10th anniversary in Japan with a special limited edition vinyl release. Let’s dive into the details!

n.SSign’s Vibrant Return

Fresh from their stint on the survival show, n.SSign has made a triumphant return to the music scene with the release of “Happy &.” The group has undergone a slight transformation, now boasting eight talented members: Kazuta, Eddie, Sungyun, Junhyeok, Robin, Hanjun, Laurence, and Huiwon. Unfortunately, Hyun and Doha are temporarily stepping back from activities due to health concerns, but the group assures fans of their determination to return to the stage.

K-pop boy band n.SSign poses at a press conference for the release of their new album
K-pop boy band n.SSign poses at a press conference for the release of their new album on Thursday at SBS Prism Tower in Seoul’s Mapo District.

During a recent press event in Seoul, the remaining members shared updates on Hyun and Doha’s recovery. Huiwon mentioned, “Their determination to return to the stage is firm, but according to medical professionals, it’s a little too early for them to do so. So they are still concentrating on recovery. Knowing their earnest hearts, we also want them to return to the stage as soon as possible.”

Despite the challenges, the group is leaving no stone unturned in their preparations for the comeback. Sungyun, in particular, has stepped up to fill in for main vocalist Doha, showcasing the group’s unity and determination.

The new album, “Happy &,” is a musical celebration of life’s joyful moments. The title track, “Happy &,” encapsulates the anticipation that follows every goodbye. Hanjun explained, “There are many moments of separation in life, such as graduation or quitting a job. While it could be thought of as an ‘end,’ it could also bring about anticipation of what’s to come. That’s the idea behind the song’s title, ‘Happy &.'”

K-pop boy band n.SSign new album official poster

Featuring triple title tracks like “Happy &,” “FUNK JAM,” and “Love, Love, Love Love Love!,” as well as other songs like “Black Down” and “Memories of Us,” the album showcases n.SSign’s versatility across different musical genres.

Since their debut in August 2023, n.SSign has rapidly gained popularity in Japan. Their debut single, “New Star,” secured third place on the Oricon weekly chart and clinched the top spot on the iTunes Japan chart. The group has also successfully concluded a five-city tour in Japan and a concert at Tokyo’s Ariake Arena. Now, with their sights set on Korean music shows, n.SSign is determined to conquer the domestic scene.

BTS’s Vinyl Celebration

In another musical milestone, the global phenomenon BTS is gearing up to celebrate their 10th anniversary in Japan with a special limited edition vinyl album. Set to be released on June 19, the exclusive analogue LP will feature “For You” and the Japanese-language version of “Let Me Know.”

kpop boy band BTS members posing
kpop boy band BTS members.

“For You” is the titular track from BTS’s fourth single in Japan, released in 2015. It made history by becoming the first song from the band to top Oricon’s daily single ranking, marking a significant achievement for international hip-hop musicians. The Japanese version of “Let Me Know” adds an extra layer of nostalgia for fans.

Debuting in Japan in 2014 with “No More Dream,” BTS has achieved remarkable success in the Japanese music scene. Their best-of album in Japan, “BTS, The Best,” released in 2021, surpassed 1 million copies sold, a feat not seen for an international male artist in over 17 years.

As BTS continues to make history and n.SSign brings joy to fans with their lively comeback, it’s undoubtedly an exciting time for K-pop enthusiasts around the world. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to groove to the beats of these incredible musical journeys!

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