Golden Child Kpop Band’ Returns with 3rd latest Single “Feel Me”

Let’s find out more about their new single and journey so far!

Golden child kpop band members standing on stage posing for the camera.
At a press conference in Seoul’s Gangnam District’s Ilchi Art Hall, members of the K-pop boy band Golden Child pose. Courtsy the Korea Times

Yet another sensation Golden Child kpop band is back with a bang after a year and three months, and they’re treating fans to their third single, “Feel Me.”

Band Members

This 10-member boy band, consisting of Daeyeol, Y, Jangjun, Tag, Sungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, and Bomin, recently held a press event in Gangnam District, Seoul. They shared insights into their emotions and experiences behind the new album, making it an exciting time for fans worldwide.

For Golden Child , this album signifies Daeyeol’s return to the group following his military discharge last September. However, one member, Y, is currently away due to his military enlistment, a common rite of passage for many Korean boy bands.

Daeyeol, who is back after his military service, expressed his eagerness to rejoin the group. “I missed the stage while I was in the military. I was so happy to rejoin our team after my discharge. I couldn’t wait to meet my fans, so I took care of myself in the military. Since the members are younger than me, I’ve been exercising and practicing steadily,” Daeyeol shared, offering a glimpse into his journey of returning to the group after a long hiatus.

The Journey Together

Golden Child’s return follows their last album, “AURA,” which was released in August 2022. With “Feel Me,” the group aims to reveal their evolved charm to audiences, and the members are excited about the fresh musical attempts in this album. Jibeom described it as “a musical multivitamin” that’s packed with unique energy, exciting love, and a sentimental atmosphere.

The title track, “Feel Me,” is an autobiographical rock song that delves into the shared journey of the members who grew up together. Bomin emphasized that the track encapsulates the mixture of joy and pain experienced during the group’s journey. It offers a comforting message, suggesting that one day, young individuals facing similar challenges can look back and find beauty in their struggles.

Jangjun shared his personal affection for the track, saying, “When I listen to ‘Feel Me,’ I feel a refreshing breeze all over my body. That’s why I have a special likeness for it.” The album also includes tracks like “Blind Love” and “Dear.” Notably, Tag showcased his songwriting skills by contributing to the lyrics and composition of “Dear.” Jaehyun highly recommended “Blind Love,” calling it a perfect track for commutes or drives to meet friends. He enjoys listening to it in the mornings to boost his spirit.

Golden Child is now entering its seventh year in the industry, and they’ve experimented with various concepts over the years. For this album, the members are set to showcase a refined sense of maturity. Seungmin highlighted the evolution in their image, saying, “While our debut album expressed the purity of untouched youth, our new album reflects the challenges of adapting to society and delves into deeper narratives. This album’s mature image is undoubtedly the highlight.”

As they embark on this new chapter, the members have set their sights on different goals. Joochan shared his aspirations, emphasizing the importance of connecting with their fans in various ways, both at home and abroad. “In the past, I aimed for music show wins and achievements. This time, I want to communicate with fans in different places and share the moments together. Whether through concerts or fan meetings, I want to greet fans from all over the world.”

The comeback

Golden Child’s comeback with “Feel Me” promises a new era of growth, evolution, and musical excellence. Their unique energy and passion shine through in every track, offering fans a captivating listening experience. As they take on new challenges and reach for their dreams, Golden Child remains a shining star in the world of K-pop. Stay tuned for more from this talented group, as they continue to amaze us with their music and performances.

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