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Le Sserafim Lights Up the Stage with their latest “Flame Rises” Debut Concert

In a dazzling display of talent and courage, rookie band Le Sserafim took the music world by storm with their debut concert titled “Flame Rises.” The five-member group kicked off their first-ever global concert tour with a bang, despite a few minor bumps along the way. From electrifying performances to heartwarming moments of vulnerability, the concert was a rollercoaster ride of emotions that left fans on the edge of their seats.

Photo of Le Sserafim members posing for the camera on stage
Le Sserafim holds its first global concert tour “Flame Rises” at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul on 12th of this August

Sold-Out Spectacle: The Start of Le Sserafim’s Global Tour

Held over a thrilling two-day weekend at Seoul’s Jamsil Arena, the event marked the beginning of Le Sserafim’s ambitious “Flame Rises” tour. The anticipation was palpable as all 10,500 tickets for the concert sold out in an astounding eight minutes, a testament to the group’s growing popularity.

The concert was divided into four parts, each representing a phase in the group’s journey: “Embers,” “Ignite,” “Flame,” and “Rises.” The stage came alive with “The World Is My Oyster,” as the LED screen revealed the five members standing tall on a raised platform, setting the tone for a night to remember. The powerful beats of “Fearless,” the group’s debut track, followed suit, showcasing the raw energy that had first captured fans’ hearts.

Le Sserafim members giving group performance on stage.
Le Sserafim holds its first global concert tour “Flame Rises” at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul on 12th of this August

One of the highlights was the jaw-dropping performance of “The Great Mermaid,” featuring a crew of 20 dancers that brought an extra layer of excitement to the stage. Le Sserafim’s versatility was on full display with the fresh vibes of “Blue Flame” and the dreamy atmosphere of “Impurities,” giving the audience a taste of the band’s diverse musical range.

Igniting the Rockstar Spirit: “No Celestial” and Musical Diversity

The transition to the “Ignite” section saw Le Sserafim transform into rock stars with “No Celestial,” dressed in quirky outfits that added to their magnetic presence. The spotlight shone on Yunjin, a self-proclaimed rock enthusiast, as she mesmerized the crowd with her exhilarating guitar skills. The mood shifted as they took the microphones for some hidden gems like “Sour Grapes” and “Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am).” A special surprise awaited the fans as the unreleased track “We got so much” was unveiled for the very first time, creating an electric atmosphere.

Le Sserafim during their performance for the concert ' Flame Rises'
Le Sserafim holds its first global concert tour “Flame Rises” at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul on 12th of this August

Reaching the Pinnacle: Le Sserafim’s Chart-Topping Hits Shine

With the “Flame” part of the concert, the energy reached its peak as Le Sserafim delivered their chart-topping hits like “Antifragile,” “Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s wife,” and “Unforgiven.” The mega crew dancers returned for “The Hydra,” adding a visual spectacle that left the audience in awe.

While Le Sserafim’s performance was undeniably powerful, there were a few minor setbacks. The group’s vocal performances, impacted by their rigorous choreography, showed some instability towards the end of the show. Additionally, the lack of a coherent storyline and stage art left a gap in the overall experience. The four-part structure of the concert’s theme wasn’t as clear as it could have been, and occasional dialogues interrupted the immersive journey.

These challenges, however, stem from the high expectations set for the group. In just a year, Le Sserafim has solidified their presence as the next-generation K-pop queens. Hailing from the multi-label company Hybe, the same home as BTS, the group made history with their debut album “Fearless,” boasting record-breaking sales figures.

Unity and Gratitude: Le Sserafim’s Members Speak From the Heart

The concert provided an opportunity for the members to reflect on their growth. Japanese member Kazuha expressed her gratitude and acknowledged the support of the band’s fandom, Fearnot. Eunchae, the youngest member, aimed to convey a message of resilience and determination through their performance. Sakura, another Japanese member, thanked the fans for their unwavering support and hoped the concert had created unforgettable memories.

La Sserafim on stage during concert 'Flame rises'
Le Sserafim holds its first global concert tour “Flame Rises” at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul on 12th of this August

Chaewon, the group’s leader, shared a heartfelt moment with her fellow members, acknowledging the challenges they had overcome together. This unity perfectly aligned with Le Sserafim’s themes of being “fearless” and “anti-fragile.” The concert allowed them to embrace their vulnerabilities and express their gratitude to their fans, who played a significant role in their journey.

As the night’s first encore song, “Between you, me and the lamppost” resonated deeply with the members, as they had all contributed to its creation. This song’s producer, Yunjin, connected it to the theme of fear, acknowledging that fear, despite its unsettling nature, holds a unique value that can propel us forward. She emphasized the importance of supporting one another to overcome these fears, promising to continue empowering the audience.

Beyond Borders: Le Sserafim’s Global Journey Continues

The concert’s second day in Seoul concluded with a bang, featuring performances of “No-Return” and “Fire in the belly.” Le Sserafim is now gearing up to take their “Flame Rises” tour to other exciting destinations, including Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bangkok.

In just a year, Le Sserafim has proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop scene. Through their bold performances and unwavering dedication, they continue to inspire their fans, delivering a message of resilience, unity, and the power to overcome any challenge. As they continue to rise higher and further, the journey of Le Sserafim is one that captivates hearts and ignites spirits around the world.

(Photo courtesy : The Korea Herald)

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