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IVE’s takes strong Stand Against Cyberbullies on YouTube!

Exciting news from Starship Entertainment, the company managing the talented girl group IVE! They’ve just made a bold move to protect their artists from cyberbullying on YouTube.

In a recent statement on June 25, they announced that they are taking legal action against YouTubers who have been targeting their artists, including IVE. But that’s not all! This legal battle has been ongoing since October 2022 when they first filed a lawsuit against individuals posting malicious comments.

photo of kpop girl group IVE.
Photo via NME.Com

Starship Entertainment means business when it comes to protecting their artists’ reputation, privacy, and human rights. They are serious about defending IVE and are not afraid to go the extra mile. Back in October 2022, they sued some persistent malicious commenters, and guess what? Those offenders faced severe consequences, including prison sentences, employment restrictions, and being listed on the sex offender registry.

Yikes! But that’s not the end of it – they’re also pursuing legal action in other countries to ensure justice is served.

And here’s where it gets interesting. In May 2023, Starship Entertainment managed to get an information provision order from the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. This means they were granted access to crucial information about a YouTube channel manager called ‘Sojang‘ who was targeting IVE.

But wait for it – right after Google informed ‘Sojang‘ about the order, their channel was mysteriously hacked, and all the videos were deleted! Talk about a disappearing act! ‘Sojang‘ even issued an apology before vanishing.

Starship Entertainment isn’t backing down, though. They’re keeping a close watch on online platforms to protect their artists from any form of cyberbullying. They’ve set up a monitoring system that acts as a superhero shield for IVE, guarding their rights and reputation. And it’s not just about the past cases – they’re determined to tackle any future instances of defamation or harm to their artists.

Fans play a significant role in this fight against cyberbullying. They’ve been helping Starship Entertainment by reporting any malicious content they come across. Kudos to the fans! Your support is invaluable in these legal proceedings and actions.

Starship Entertainment is proving to be a real superhero for IVE and their artists. They are standing tall against cyber bullies and are determined to protect their talents from any online harm. With the power of the law and the support of dedicated fans, they’re making a real difference in the fight against cyberbullying in the K-pop world.

Remember, if you ever come across cyberbullying or malicious comments about any artist, not just IVE, report it immediately! Let’s all work together to make the internet a safer and happier place for everyone. Keep spreading love and supporting your favorite artists, and together, we’ll create a strong and united K-pop community!

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