Ichillin’ Kicks Off Summer with a Bang: New Album “I’m on It!” Takes the Music Scene by Storm

Hey there, K-pop fans! Get ready for an electrifying summer takeover because your favorite girl group, Ichillin’, is back with a bang! They just dropped their second mini album, “I’m on It!”, and it’s set to rock the music scene this season.

Poster of Ichillin’s New Mini Album

Remember how we fell in love with Ichillin’ when they debuted on September 8, 2021, with their catchy digital single “Got’ya”? Well, they’ve been on fire ever since, and now they’re back with a fresh album just two months after their fifth digital hit, “Siren.”
This seven-member girl group consists of Chowon, Yeju, Chaerin, Joonie, Jackie, E.Ji, and Jiyoon. Each member brings their unique flair to the group, making them a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop world.

During a recent press conference in Seoul, E.Ji, the group’s leader, revealed that the choreography for “Kick-start” is incredibly powerful. One of the standout moves involves intertwining their arms above their heads and then spreading them wide, giving the sensation of riding an airplane. How cool is that?

What’s fantastic about this album is that Ichillin’ decided to capture the essence of summer. Unlike their previous girl crush concept in “Siren,” this time, they’re embracing their inner summer divas, aiming to whisk away the heat with their bright and bubbly songs.

Yeju shared her excitement, saying, “We really wanted to create a song that reminds listeners of a specific season. When we first heard ‘Kick-start,’ we knew it was the perfect fit for our summer theme.” Joonie chimed in, saying the track reminded her of an upbeat cartoon soundtrack and even made her think of surfing on a sunny beach.

“I’m on It!” is packed with more goodies than you can imagine. Alongside the smashing title track, the album features four other fantastic songs: “Meme,” “Draw,” “Alarm,” and “Siren.” But here’s the exciting part – Jiyoon and Joonie had a chance to shine as they co-wrote the lyrics for the delightful sidetrack, “Draw.” It’s their first time contributing to the songwriting process, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Like any dedicated K-pop group, Ichillin’ has big dreams, and they’re not holding back. Chowon shared her ultimate wish, saying, “Through this album, we hope to gain more popularity and embark on a world tour. It’s been our dream to perform in Los Angeles, where our talented members Joonie and Jackie are from.”

The excitement doesn’t end here! Ichillin’ has already teased that they’re already preparing for yet another album. That’s right; we can expect more incredible music from these power-packed girls in the near future. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!

Stay tuned for more updates from Ichillin’, as they continue to rock the music world with their passion and talent. Let’s support these incredible girls on their journey to becoming global superstars. Ichillin’, fighting! 🎶💖

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