Mirae Unleashes Youthful Energy with “Boys Will Be Boys” EP

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Calling all K-pop enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for the electrifying return of Mirae with their fifth EP, “Boys Will Be Boys.” This sensational seven-member group recently held a thrilling media showcase event in Seoul to celebrate their album’s release. “Boys Will Be Boys” marks their exciting comeback since their fourth EP, “Ourturn,” which kick-started the group’s incredible “Boy” series. The talented boys are here to dazzle you with a sporty and peppy vibe, turning away from their previous “cosmic freshness.” The EP’s basketball-themed concept mirrors the members’ love for the sport, and it’s time to experience their music journey together!

Comprising six electrifying tracks, this EP is bound to get you grooving to its addictive melodies and dynamic beats. The lead track, “Jump!,” combines pop, new jack swing, and alternative rock genres, delivering a rhythmic and bouncy experience reminiscent of basketball moves. Mirae members’ enthusiasm and passion for music shine through as they share their stories through each heartfelt song.

Lien, the only non-Korean member of the group, shared how the song’s choreography incorporates basketball moves, enhancing the vibrant experience. Do Hyun expressed his immediate connection to the song, anticipating the joy it would bring both the members and their fans. The band’s youngest member, Yu Bin, hopes that “Jump!” will uplift listeners’ spirits during their morning commute to school or work.

Mirae’s “Boys Will Be Boys” EP takes listeners on a melodic journey through diverse emotions and experiences. “Girl” delves into a boy’s heart fluttering with first love, while “So Different” beautifully expresses the genuine emotions one faces during their first experience with love. The groovy nu-disco track, “Learn to Fly,” carries the boys’ ambition to soar high, while “Drop the Bass” unleashes their powerful hip-hop beats. The EP concludes with “Now & Forever,” a heartfelt letter to their beloved fans, Now, expressing their deep appreciation and love.

At the EP’s media showcase event, Mirae wowed the audience with their powerful performances of “Jump!” and “Girl.” Despite band leader Jun Hyuk’s injured leg, he took to the stage sitting on a chair to ensure fans got the best experience. Jun Hyuk reassured fans that he’s on the road to recovery and prioritizes his health to deliver captivating performances for a long time to come.

Honorable Moments at the RBW Label Concert:
Mirae shared their excitement about performing at the RBW label concert alongside revered artists like Mamamoo Plus, Oh My Girl, Purple Kiss, and more. The seven-piece group expressed their admiration for the senior artists they once dreamt of becoming like, drawing inspiration to work even harder in their musical journey. This musical extravaganza is also set to enthrall fans in Japan at the Tokyo Garden Theater.

While Mirae dreams of achieving their first music show No. 1, their primary goal with “Boys Will Be Boys” is to reunite with their devoted fans. After a 10-month break, the boys are determined to give their fans the best stage performances and cherish the unwavering support they’ve received.

Who is Mirae ?

Mirae, also known as Mirae Sonyeon in Korean, is a rookie K-pop group that debuted in March 2021. With their predominantly hip-hop and R&B sound, they have quickly risen to fame and captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

So, join the boys on this musical adventure, dance to their infectious tunes, and experience the captivating world of Mirae’s “Boys Will Be Boys” EP!

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