HYBE, the K-Pop Powerhouse, Breaks Language Barriers with AI Music

K-pop’s biggest music label HYBE looks to lift language barrier with AI ( Photo via )

In the heart of Seoul, South Korea, the renowned K-pop label HYBE is revolutionizing the music scene with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The brains behind hit boy group BTS are using this innovative tool to merge the mesmerizing voice of South Korean singer MIDNATT with native speakers in six different languages! This groundbreaking move has already resulted in the release of MIDNATT’s track “Masquerade” in Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Let’s dive into how HYBE’s interactive media arm is breaking down language barriers and opening new doors for global music enthusiasts.

The Power of AI in Music:

Gone are the days when language posed a barrier to music lovers worldwide. With HYBE’s ingenious use of AI, they have achieved what was once deemed impossible. While some K-pop artists have previously released songs in English and Japanese, HYBE’s latest feat marks the first-ever simultaneous six-language release in the industry. The move has the potential to inspire other popular acts to follow suit, as the label carefully observes the reactions and feedback from fans before making further strides.

MIDNATT’s Multilingual Melody:

Enter Lee Hyun, better known as MIDNATT, a talented singer with proficiency in Korean, limited English, and Chinese. Collaborating with native speakers fluent in each language, MIDNATT recorded “Masquerade” in all six languages. HYBE’s AI music technology then worked its magic, seamlessly merging the various recordings into a harmonious masterpiece. By breaking down the song into different components – pronunciation, timbre, pitch, and volume – the technology adds subtle improvements to create a more natural sound. The result? A mind-blowing musical experience that transcends language barriers.

AI Technology: The Game-Changer:

At the core of HYBE’s innovation lies Supertone’s Neural Analysis and Synthesis (NANSY) framework, powering the deep learning capabilities of their AI music technology. Unlike conventional non-AI software, this cutting-edge technology takes the listener on an immersive musical journey. Through the strategic acquisition of Supertone for $36 million, HYBE is taking a significant step toward making the AI technology accessible to creators and the public. The label’s future plans include possibly offering the technology for free or at nominal fees, which could further revolutionize music creation.

MIDNATT’s Perspective:

For MIDNATT, the use of AI technology has opened doors to an exciting array of artistic expressions. In his own words, he feels that the language barrier is no longer an obstacle, allowing global fans to immerse themselves fully in his music. The singer’s statement highlights how technology is fostering a more inclusive music industry and promoting a deeper connection between artists and their fans, transcending linguistic boundaries.

The Wider Impact of AI in Music:

While AI technology in music isn’t entirely new, HYBE’s application of it is groundbreaking. Valerio Velardo, director of The Sound of AI, believes that this innovative use of AI will not only benefit professional musicians but also the broader population. Just like Instagram revolutionized photo-sharing, AI music technology will lower the barrier to music creation and consumption. As the technology evolves and becomes more efficient, its potential expands beyond music production to areas like language interpretation during video conferences.

The Future of AI Music:

Despite the current time-consuming nature of HYBE’s pronunciation correction technology, the label’s producer, Choi Jin-woo (Hitchhiker), is optimistic about the future. He foresees faster processes, leading to a wider range of applications for this groundbreaking AI technology. As the music industry embraces AI with open arms, it is set to transform the way we experience music on a global scale.

HYBE’s pioneering use of AI in music production is breaking down language barriers and setting a new standard for the industry. The simultaneous release of “Masquerade” in six languages demonstrates the power of technology in creating an inclusive and immersive musical experience. With plans to make the AI technology accessible to creators and the public, HYBE is spearheading a new era of music creation and consumption. As AI continues to revolutionize the music landscape, we can look forward to a more connected, diverse, and harmonious global music community.

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