Here is a list of 8 most soothing kpop songs to listen to!

Discover the Most Soothing K-Pop Songs for Your Playlist

Music has the power to heal the heart and soul, providing a therapeutic outlet for all the emotions we experience. While upbeat tracks can be thrilling and energizing, there’s something truly special about the soothing melodies that can help us unwind after a long, stressful day. K-pop, with its powerful and emotionally evocative songs, has proven to be a fantastic genre for finding solace and decluttering the mind. In this article, we have curated a list of the most soothing K-pop tracks that will help you navigate through tough times and remind you that it’s okay not to be okay.

1. ‘Blue & Grey’ by BTS

image credit: yt channel BTS wiki

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and searching for a ray of hope, BTS’s ‘Blue & Grey’ is the perfect song for you. This standout track from their album ‘Be’ is a heartfelt expression of isolation and reminds listeners that tough times are temporary. It’s one of BTS’s most emotionally raw songs, sending a powerful message that it’s okay to have negative thoughts and embrace our emotions. The line, “If, in a far-flung future, I’m able to smile / I’ll tell you that I did,” resonates with positivity and reminds us that brighter days are ahead.

2. ‘Through the Night’ by IU

Image source yt channel 1thk

IU’s ‘Through the Night’ is a beautiful song that captures the feeling of yearning for a loved one on a lonely night. The lyrics, accompanied by acoustic guitar beats, create an incredibly soothing ambiance. The music video depicts IU waiting alone in an old traditional house, pouring her heart out through her heartfelt vocals. ‘Through the Night’ has gained immense popularity in South Korea, earning several accolades, including the Golden Disc Award.

3. ‘No Good In Good-Bye’ by 2 AM

image credit yt channel kinogyul

If you’re struggling to accept the end of a romantic relationship, ‘No Good In Good-Bye’ by 2 AM is a song that speaks to your heart. This track portrays a heartbroken man who can’t come to terms with the reality of his breakup, pleading with his significant other to stay. It serves as a reminder that many people go through difficult breakups and that everything eventually falls into place. Trust the process and know that healing takes time.

4. ‘Out of Breath’ by Babylon ft. Suzy

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‘Out of Breath’ by Babylon, featuring Suzy, beautifully captures the internal struggle of someone yearning for happiness and wondering when their troubles will end. Lines like “I wanna be happy, I wanna trust my wings and wanna fly” and “I try to laugh, pretending to be happy, I don’t know if I feel comfortable” reflect the melancholic state of someone who longs for a better world and a better life.

5. ‘Lights Out’ by EXO

image credit: yt channel power of music

‘Lights Out’ by EXO, from their album ‘Universe,’ is a comforting song dedicated to their fans. The members send consoling messages, inviting listeners to find solace in their music during difficult times. The soothing melody, coupled with the group’s effortless voices, casts a spell that lifts the mood instantly. Let EXO be the light that guides you when darkness surrounds you.

6. ‘Chase’ by SHINee’s Minho

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‘Chase’ is the title track from Minho’s debut music album of the same name. The song revolves around someone who is still immersed in the memories of an old lover. Its sentimental yet catchy melody, combined with the blockbuster-worthy music video, captures your attention and momentarily makes you forget about your problems. Minho’s talent shines not only in his music but also in his directing skills.

7. ‘Hug’ by SEVENTEEN

image credit yt channel jaeguchi

The K-pop boy band SEVENTEEN sends virtual hugs to their fans through the track ‘Hug.’ They assure listeners that they will always be there as a shoulder to cry on during rough times. Lines like “To me, you are very precious, you can tell me today was tough, I am here, you suffered a lot, I love you” provide comfort, reminding you that you are not alone. The simple instrumentals, gentle guitar sounds, and heavenly vocals make this song a treat for the soul.

8. ‘ILY’ by The Rose

image credit yt channel iwee

Last but not least, ‘ILY’ by the South Korean indie-rock band, The Rose, is a soothing track that encapsulates the feelings of being deeply in love. From their album ‘Void,’ this love ballad expresses the euphoric state of being near someone you adore. Lines like “My mind feels a little hazy when I hear your warm voice” resonate with the overwhelming happiness that love brings. ‘ILY’ showcases The Rose’s versatility, diverging from its usual fast-paced and upbeat genre.

These K-pop songs have the power to touch your heart, providing solace during difficult times. Whether you’re seeking hope, healing, or a shoulder to lean on, these tracks will accompany you on your journey. Add them to your playlist and allow their soothing melodies to cleanse your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Remember, it’s okay not to be okay, and music can be a powerful tool for self-care and emotional well-being.

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